“Written in beautiful prose, The Accidental Siren warns of the perils of obsession. The setting is described using flawless metaphors that paint James’s world in the reader’s mind. The plot becomes more haunting with every chapter, effectively dragging the reader deeper into the story with every twist and turn.” – Dayla FM,

“This is a MUST READ for everyone. I can’t imagine a single person that wouldn’t find something to relate to and laugh about in The Accidental Siren.” – Jennifer Zuna,


It’s been haunting my thoughts for two years. It began as a scribbled note on a torn piece of paper, wormed it’s way through my notebook, then evolved into a gigantic wall of notecards. After six months of writing, it found new life on Readers discovered it, consumed it, and loved it.

Now… finallyThe Accidental Siren has been published as an ebook and a full-fledged paperback novel.

Buy it now on Amazon! Or keep scrolling to learn more : )

If you haven’t seen the Wattpad Teaser yet, take a look!

If you don’t know me, I encourage you to poke around my site. Take a minute to learn about my passion, and if you like what I do, please consider purchasing my novel. If you’re not interested in this book but still want to help, please use the “Share” buttons below to pass along this post to your family and friends. Also, this is the first of four books I’ll be publishing over the next few months, so check back often!

If you read The Accidental Siren on Wattpad, you haven’t read the whole story! The ebook and paperback have a prologue and epilogue that aren’t available on Wattpad. They’re only a couple pages each, but they add an interesting element to the story that I think you’ll enjoy : )

(Are you a family member or friend? Are you a zealous fan? Do you want to make the sequels a reality? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please read this page for more ways to help!)


Barnes & Noble (Cover will be up shortly!)

EPUB from Lulu

Still Not Sure?
Read Official Reviews
Read Wattpad Reviews
Siren On Goodreads
My “Four Novels In Four Months” Project



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