BTS: How I Killed an Internet Troll

I’m relatively new to the reddit forms. I’ve been posting my blogs on the site for a couple months, and gained 129 “Link Karma.”

A week ago, I ran into my first troll. His name was ObstreperousYoungLad. After several years on reddit, he had over 3,000 “Link Karma.”

Step 1: Be Polite

But if they continue on your next post…

Step 2: Ignore Them

But if they continue on your next post…

Step 3: Do a Quick Google Search For Their Screen Name, Find a Weakness, and Attack

Thirty minutes after my last message, he deleted his reddit account. Instead of 3,000+ “Link Karma” and two years of posts, his pages says:

Now I feel terrible. If anyone knows ObstreperousYoungLad, please tell him to contact me at so I can apologize!



  1. DivineMissM

    DON’T APOLOGISE! You’re too nice for your own good sometimes, honestly. (Pot calling the kettle what now?) But seriously, I would’ve teared him a new a***hole for that!!! I applaud you for out-trolling a troll *insert round of applause here* Remember he was the one who started throwing horrid comments your way, you defended yourself and what you were doing, he couldn’t handle someone being better at his own game, therefore he ran with his tail tucked between his legs. You shouldn’t feel bad for what some 15 year old idiot in his parent’s basement brought onto himself.

    • jakevanderark

      lol, yeah POT : P

      I CALLED him an a**hole. Doesn’t that count? Well… I guess I only suggested he’s one… but whatever.

      And yes, he’s a moron. But I think I caused a major life decision… I just hope he didn’t kill himself : / And I don’t think he was 15… he went to school to be a nurse and worked at a hospital, lol.

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