Kickstarter Update #6

It’s been an interesting (if not a little mind-numbing) week for my Four Novels in Four Months project! My eyes burn and my right hand has merged with my mouse… but other than that, I’m doing well.

The past few days have been a great learning experience about the “blogosphere.” (Wow… is it sad that “blogosphere” is a real word?) Part of my Kickstarter cash has been going toward review copies for bloggers, and not only have I’ve been having AWESOME success with that, I’ve been meeting some really cool people. Thanks to my newfound knowledge of blog tours, I’m going to organize a big push for all four books to hopefully spread the word across the interwebs. I’m going to start putting together a raffle too… so if anybody has suggestions for prize donations, please let me know! I’ll know more about the blog tour for my next post.

Anyway, here are some brief updates about each book:

The Accidental Siren
I’m still waiting for the Amazon numbers for the first week of sales. If I wasn’t already thankful for my Wattpad friends before… I certainly am now! The day of the Siren release, thirty of my fans took the time to spread the word across the internet and to their family and friends. One woman pitched it to all of her co-workers. Another girl made signs and went to the mall. A fellow writer asked celebrities to retweet my announcement… and it worked!

If you haven’t been reading my first wave of reviews… things are looking good. (Okay, I’m being modest… things are looking GREAT.) Please take a minute to check them out, then share them online to spread the word!

Also, I have 9 ratings on Amazon, and they’re all 5 stars. I have 22 ratings on Goodreads, and those are all 5 stars as well. Some of them were written by friends and family, but most of them came from real people with no connection to me at all.

Lighthouse Nights
I’ll be spending the next couple weeks preparing for the second release of Lighthouse NightsBecause I already bugged my family and friends to buy this book a year ago, I’m not going to go crazy on my own Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, there is still work to be done! I need to talk to reviewers, send out review copies, update Goodreads with quizzes and quotes, create a trailer with Wattpad reviews, update the Amazon information, pray it’s released before the end of August, etc, etc, etc.

The Brandywine Prophet

Well, that’s the semi-final cover! The first test copy has been ordered, and I’ll let you know how it looks in my next post.

Despite the fact that this book is long and targeted at adult readers, a handful of my Wattpad friends read it diligently from cover to cover. Feedback will be up soon.

I’m also working on a personal essay for the Afterward. It’ll talk about my influences and the reasons I think the major themes in this book resonate through all of my work. Out of all four books, this is the one I’m most excited about!

The Day I Wore Purple
Oh boy… I still haven’t started the re-write yet… but it’s coming! I think I need to start Red-Bulling it through the night, or maybe a week alone at a cabin in the woods. I’m still taking notes… and I think the end result is going to be pretty amazing.

I’ll start posting character bios and snippets on my blog soon.

That’s all for now! I hope you’ll take a second to scan my blog… I haven’t been this consistent with anything in my life : )

Thanks everybody!



  1. Kallie

    I have a couple things to say to this. I hope the Amazon numbers are good, I really like the new cover for Brandywine, and I can’t wait to eventually read The Day I Wore Purple. ^_^

  2. Md. Muazzam B. Sham Khiruddin

    Wow…seeing all this~ Congratulations!
    I feel very glad for you to have a good start!
    Just stay diligent and I am sure that everything will continue to be better~
    For now, I will take my time reading and savouring your book properly, like a good wine it shouldn’t be swallowed fully in one gulp…
    Look forward to hear more good news from you soon

    • jakevanderark

      Jam, thanks for the kind words! I’m trying so hard to stay diligent… even through the ups and downs.

      Please let me know what you think of the books! I really hope you like what you read : )

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