Top 7 Screenshots To Make TV-Lovers Cry

Major Spoilers! Proceed only if you have seen every good drama on television, or never plan to.

If you’ve seen these shows, you won’t need titles or captions. I will, however, include the episode titles for these iconic scenes.

I only rank what I’ve seen. And as always, if you agree or disagree, let me know!

1. “Everyone’s Waiting”

2. “Postpartum”

3. “Long Term Parking”

4. “Cleaning Up”

5. “Pretty Much Dead Already”

6. “That’s Got His Own”

7. “Family Meeting”



  1. Anonymous

    You forgot “Not Penny’s Boat” from LOST. Awesome tearjerker moment back when the show was cool. And possibly about 16 others from The Wire (for example: Frank walking down the docks to meet the Greek).

    Or what about Arya Stark’s CU at the end of “Baelor”?

    • jakevanderark

      What happened in “Not Penny’s Boat”? I blocked out so much of that show, I can’t separate the good from the bad anymore.

      Frank was definitely a runner up! And that was the shot I would have used too… but in the end, I already had two scenes from The Wire, and that one didn’t quite beat Wallace or Randy. Is there a The Wire scene you would have put above those?

      Ahh, didn’t even think about “Baelor”! Good one! I think I was more shocked than tearful though…

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