BTS: Cards For A Thousand Years

The Day I Wore Purple takes place over a thousand years. Although most of the action happens between 1999 and 2015, you can probably guess that the timeline gets pretty confusing.

The video shows how I spent my morning and afternoon. The board on the right are the dates and events in order of how they appear in the novel. The cards above my computer are the same cards (with birthdays and other “off-screen” events added), but in chronological order.

Note: this is NOT my usual card routine that I talk about in my writing tips! The Day I Wore Purple is a rewrite, and these cards are to clarify the timeline, not to structure my scenes.

I’ll be posting more videos, pictures, and essays about my writing process as I continue with this book, so check back often!



  1. Kallie

    When I watched this, I laughed. Lol. But that’s because I’m easily entertained. Anyway, how long of a time span was this? Because that was a lot of note cards to arrange and stuff. I still love the way you lay it all out like that. I think it’s cool (and efficient).

    • jakevanderark

      I think about 5-6 hours? I already had most of them written out at that point, but you can see where I’m going through the book and looking for other relevant dates, haha. I didn’t do this the first time around, and I was constantly looking up dates. This should make things easier as I write : )

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