Wattpad Wednesday: JakeVanderArk

(Yes, I know it’s not Wednesday.)

I’ve been looking for a creative way to feature my favorite Wattpad friends on my blog, and I think I figured it out.

Every Wednesday, I’ll talk to a popular Wattpadder and ask them a consistent list of questions. Hopefully, the bravest will give me some multi-media snippets so we can learn more about their lives outside of Wattpad!

The following post is about me, but I’ll mainly use this as an example when asking others to participate.


Basic Info

Jake Vander Ark (real name)
28 Years old
The United States

Author of The Accidental SirenLighthouse Nightsand The Brandywine Prophet.
Visit his Wattpad profile here jakevanderark

Show us your workspace. Don’t clean it up first!

Other than high school English class, how did you learn to write?

I took a screenplay writing class in college with an awesome writer named John Petrakis. We watched a lot of movies, read a lot of screenplays, and wrote our own feature films.

The book that taught me the most on writing is called Writing a Great Movie by Jeff Kitchen. I highly recommend it for novelists too!

What is one of the best sentences or paragraphs you’ve ever written?

“jules held her stomach and sobbed as she staggered through the glow from a stoplight and the gutter-piss from an overhead awning. she pictured gabe in the month after sarah’s death, rotting inside that room without school or work or play with albino skin and a humpback from drawing-drawing-drwaing; creating new worlds where the princess was sarah and the princess was dead.”
Lighthouse Nights

What is your favorite sentence or paragraph from another author’s novel?

“Years later, when we lost our own virginities, we resorted in our panic to pantomiming Lux’s gyrations on the roof so long ago; and even now, if we were to be honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that it is always that pale wraith we make love to, always her feet snagged in the gutter, always her single blooming hand steadying itself against the chimney, no matter what our present lovers’ feet and hands are doing. And we’d have to admit, too, that in our most intimate moments, alone at night with our beating hearts, asking God to save us, what comes most often is Lux, succubus of those binocular nights.”
The Virgin Suicides, Jeffrey Eugenides

Do you have pets? Show us!

What was your best experience on Wattpad?

My best experience was probably when I got an email from the Wattpad staff asking if I wanted to be featured on their site. I was in the car with my fiancé and a friend when I got the message, and I couldn’t stop talking about it! This was (and still is!) the biggest source of validation for my work.

What other talents do you have? Show us!

I dabbled in photography for a while. Here are a few of my favorites.




What is the most disappointing book you have ever read?

If I think I’m going to be disappointed in a book, I don’t read it! (Yes, I copped out on my own question.)

Do you keep a writing notebook? Show us a page!

Read us a short excerpt from your work.

Recommend another Wattpadder.

Hopefully I’ll be using Wattpad Wednesday to recommend lots of Wattpadders!

Other than your Wattpad profile, do you have another site you’d like us to visit?

Yep. You can find out more about my work on Goodreads.com!



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