BTS: A Peek at Purple, Inspiration for Siren, and Politics

A Peek at Purple

If you’ve been looking forward to my upcoming sci-fi novel, you need to check this out! As part of my blog tour, I included the brand new prologue to The Day I Wore Purple.

If you want to compare it to the original (and see how far I’ve come as a writer in the last three years), click here!

Inspiration for Siren

I told my Wattpad fans that they would never see screenshots from the movie that inspired James Parker’s Fairytale in The Accidental Siren… but alas, I caved. If you check out the pictures, please remember this was ten years ago… in my parents’ garage… with family as actors… and a $1,000 budget…


I try not to mix my Libertarian politics with my writing, but if you’re interested in seeing another side of me, check out my guest post on ThinkChristian!

And as always, if you have thoughts on any of these posts, I’d love to hear some feedback : )


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