Novel News: 3 Special Thank Yous

To Promotional Book Tours,

For the last month, I’ve been working with Mandie at Promotional Book Tours to pull off a fantastic “push” for my book The Accidental Siren. With only a few hours left to enter the raffle, I’d like to officially recommend this service to self-published authors and indie publishers. For only $100, Mandie and her team gathered 30 bloggers to review my book, or to post excerpts, interviews, and guest posts for their readers. Before the tour began, Mandie answered my barrage of questions immediately, and held my hand through the entire process. Thanks to Promotional Book Tours, The Accidental Siren has received hundreds of tweets and “likes,” and I have dozens of new friends on Goodreads, Facebook, and my personal blog. All-in-all, this was a great experience with a quality, online service.

To the Bloggers,

I also want to thank the bloggers who took the time to support my work. Although you can see everyone’s site on the right column of this page, I want to highlight three reviews that stood out. If you have a minute, please visit these pages! And if you’re a bookworm, follow their blogs : )

Phaedra at Identity Discovery
Andrea at Andi’s Young Adult Blog
Theresa at My Mommy’s World

I also wanted to include a review by Melissa Byrnes in the list, but  I didn’t think it was fair since she has reviewed my work before. Her site is clean and straight-forward, and her reviews are honest, insightful, and comprehensive. Check out her blog and follow her!

Melissa at Spews of My Views

To My New Followers,

For those of you who joined my blog as part of the raffle, I hope that you’ll stick around for original content about books, movies, TV, writing tips, and insight into my work. If you’re interested in a particular topic, click the “Categories” button at the top of the page. (Warning: my next few posts will be related to Halloween… but I promise I’ll return to cute quotes and writing tips in a few days!)

If you want to read more of my work, Lighthouse Nights and The Brandywine Prophet are also available! Click here for purchase links.

If you’re interested in following my progress on my next book, check out my Facebook page for The Day I Wore Purple.

It’s been an excellent month : ) Thanks again, everyone!


There’s a few more hours left on my raffle! Visit any site on my blog tour to enter… it only takes a second.

Also, The Accidental Siren is free on Smashwords until midnight tonight! Tell your friends before it goes back up to $2.99!


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