Novel News: Killer Swag!

I toyed with the idea of using a site like Cafepress to offer my fans cheap swag to promote my work… but then I had an epiphany. What if I created products that people would actually use?

So I abandoned the Cafepress idea and turned to my insanely creative friends for help. I only have a few things to offer right now, but Alli is working on jewelry inspired by Lighthouse Nights, and I’m talking with another friend about designing a bookmark for The Brandywine Prophet.

All products can be purchased directly through Paypal. If you want to use a different method, please email me at

All products come with a free ebook!

The Accidental Siren T-shirt
From Bare Tree Apparel
Includes a free ebook of The Accidental Siren
18.00 + shipping

This beautiful shirt was designed by my friend Saul at Bare Tree Apparel. The image is hand printed on a high-quality tri-blend fabric, and every shirt is unique. The text on the balloon is from chapter two of The Accidental Siren.

Unisex sizes run large on girls and range from xx-small to xx-large. Click picture to zoom, or visit my Pinterest Fan Page for more images.

Please specify size and v-neck, deep v-neck, or traditional crew.

Bare Tree Apparel’s design has appeared on The Big Bang Theory on CBS.

Official Site
Facebook Page

Mara’s Earrings
From Alli Perkins Jewelry
Includes a free ebook of The Accidental Siren
18.00 + shipping

These earrings, inspired by The Accidental Siren, are made with sterling silver ear wires and violet Swarovski crystals.

Alli Perkins currently hosts in-home shows, but a website is in development.


If you like Saul’s shirt or Alli’s earrings, let them know in the comment section below!


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