Wattpad Wednesday: The_Starzee

Basic Info

Starzee (pen name)
22 years old
New Zealand

Author of Forces of Nature and The Rules of Survival.
Visit her Wattpad profile here: The_Starzee

Other than high school English class, how did you learn to write?

A very good question! Seeing as I kind of don’t know the answer myself. Umm, I only started writing a couple of years ago, and it was out of boredom rather than any burning desire to become some super duper famous author, so basically in those early days I SUCKED big time! It was embarrassingly poor writing if I do say so myself. So I decided to start reading. And I read, and read, and read, and then one day I was like “Oh! So that’s how you string a sentence together! Fascinating.” Me and Microsoft word have been BFFs ever since =D (Small tidbit: I didn’t actually do much in English class :/ I was always the kid in the back of the class who was sketching rather than paying attention to the themes of Othello…Blech!)

Show us your workspace. Don’t clean it up first!

What is your favorite sentence or paragraph from another author’s novel?

God, really? That’s ….. impossible!! It’s hurting my head trying to narrow it down. I think in this case there isn’t just one. So many great books, so many great lines. I’m ging to say anything written by Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward and  Jeaniene Frost for starters will leave you stitches as far as hilariously good quotes go.

One from Jeaniene Frost that comes to mind right now is, “Lucifer’s bouncing balls, Kitten!” Haha, you really have to read the books to know why I giggle every time it’s said. Also, I like this one from Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon: “Well, someone slap my butt and give me a hero cookie.”

Do you have pets? Show us!

This is of ONE of my pets, Bosco. I have rats, turtles, mice, fish, two other cats, a dog, cockatiels, budgies, a rosella lol but I didn’t want to break out the entire photo album to show all of them.

What was your best experience on Wattpad?

I had a previous account under the name Starzee and it generated well over 5000 fans and Forces of Nature was sitting above 2,000,000 reads. It ran six months at #1 on the What’s Hot list (back when there was a What’s Hot list). So yeah, that was a pretty great feeling and the positive feedback made it the best wattpad experience!

What other talents do you have?

There’s no way to photograph this but I am the world’s most talented procrastinator! Haha not a real talent, you say? I’m afraid I’d have to argue that it is simply because I’m so good at it!

What is the most disappointing book you have ever read?

I’ve been lucky so far. I haven’t come across a book that has utterly disappointed me. Although there have been many that have left me dissatisfied, they always tend to have one or two small redeeming qualities that make the experience almost worth it lol.

BUT… if you desperately want a title or series, then Blood Coven Vampire was a bit of a joke to read. The word stoooopid can be applied to that particular series.

Do you keep a writing notebook? Show us a page!

This is one of the neater ones haha… half the time I can’t make sense of what I write down.

Recommend another Wattpadder.

@TinyHearts. She’s totally awesome and has the most crazy, imaginative story ideas the world will ever see. But she better remember I get to see them first lol.

Other than your Wattpad profile, do you have another site you’d like us to visit?



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