Wattpad Wednesday: AnnaxLove

Basic Info

Anna Gallegos (real name)
16 Years old

Author of Living With a Psycho and Her Worst Nightmare
Visit her Wattpad profile here: AnnaxLove

Show us your workspace. Don’t clean it up first!

Other than high school English class, how did you learn to write?

When I first started writing, it was way before high school. It was fourth grade (I think) and we always had to write short little stories in class. Eventually I began writing for fun and the teacher helped me out with some writing tips and such.

What is one of the best sentences or paragraphs you’ve ever written?

“Carla looked outside watching as the world started to change. The trees and flowers fell limp, losing their leaves and colors. The grass was now dead. The sky went from a baby blue to a dark, murky red color. She looked at the deteriorating world in horror, chills reaching out touching every inch of her spine, making her shudder.”
Hell’s Highway

What is your favorite sentence or paragraph from another author’s novel?

“The most important things are the hardest things to say. They are the things you get ashamed of, because words diminish them – words shrink things that seemed limitless…”
-Stephen King, The Body

Do you have pets? Show us!

The black & white cat is a girl. Her name is Mustacha (she’s pregnant :D). The grey and white one is a boy. His name is Bolin. I plan to be the crazy cat lady.

What was your best experience on Wattpad?

My best experience on Wattpad would have to be getting on the What’s Hot list. It sure as hell made my day!

What other talents do you have?

My Mom had a seizure a couple months ago. She recovered quickly after getting out of the hospital because my sisters, brothers, and I helped out a lot. She could barely talk whenever she got out, so she would try to mumble things. We eventually picked up quickly on what she was saying. I guess that’s sort of a new talent; trying to understand her mumblings. I would say it helped me because now when people are incoherent sometimes I can easily what they’re saying :) haha. Thankfully she can speak fluently again.

Also, I used to play the violin. Quite well I would say :)

What is the most disappointing book you have ever read?

People are probably going to hate me for this, but The Hunger Games. The ending was pretty much disappointing, I expected something crazy or out there, but nope. Some people may like that, but it was so predictable! I don’t know about others, but I don’t like when I can tell what’s going to happen at the end. It’s just as bad as the cliche romance books when you can tell the two people are going to end up together. I want to be surprised, kept on the edge of my seat, you know? I think I could have thought of a different, better way for it to end, but that’s just me! Also, Katniss was really annoying and whiney in the book!

Do you keep a writing notebook? Show us a page!

Recommend another Wattpadder.

I’d recommend @hmmcghee, she’s a very talented writer.

Other than your Wattpad profile, do you have another site you’d like us to visit?

No, I don’t think there’s any other website I’d like you to visit. Wattpad is basically my life!


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