Wattpad Wednesday: Fallzswimmer

Basic Info

Ali Novak (real name)
21 Years old
United States

Author of 8 stories on Wattpad, including My Life with the Walter Boys and The Art of Mending a Broken Heart.
Visit her Wattpad profile here: Fallzswimmer

Show us your workspace. Don’t clean it up first!

Other than high school English class, how did you learn to write?

I’ve been writing for different online websites for over six years now and posting my work online is what has really helped me grow. Compliments are always nice, but it is always the constructive criticism that helps me move forward as a writer. I’m also in my final year of University and I will be graduating with a Creative Writing Major. Each semester I am required to take a writing workshop where an entire class edits and critiques your work. Although it is really nerve racking, I’ve learned some major lessons from those classes.

What is one of the best sentences or paragraphs you’ve ever written?

The following paragraph is from an autobiography I am writing about my childhood after the death of my father.

“It is always a long, dreary drive up north. Nowadays I make an effort to sleep through most of the eight hours, but as a kid, when we neared the lake, I would watch for the street sign. Sleeping Dragon Drive. It made my heart beat fast as if the swelling of the road was actually the back of a sleeping dragon. Back then, the forest was filled with mythical creatures-elves and goblins and wizards. If I pressed my face against the window hard enough and really looked, I could catch a flash of swords fights and magical battles between the gaps in the trees. Now there was nothing.”

What is your favorite sentence or paragraph from another author’s novel?

“There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you’d better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you’ll never understand what it’s saying.”
-Sarah Dessen

Do you have pets? Show us!

Yes, the lovely Mr. Rocco.

What was your best experience on Wattpad?

That’s a hard question because I have been fortunate enough to have so many. I think that the best moment was when an entertainment company saw my work on Wattpad and liked it. They contacted me and asked me to write a novella about a character on one of their TV’s shows. It was the first paid writing job that I’ve ever had.

What other talents do you have? Show us!

Show us! I like photography. I don’t know if I have a bright future in it though. Here are some pictures I took at Las Ramblas which is a market place in Barcelona. I’ve been told it’s a prime spot for a working photographer. I thought it was quite fun. I also like to make book trailers for both my own work and other writers on Wattpad. Those can be found on my youtube account.


What is the most disappointing book you have ever read?

I’ll exclude books that I’ve been required to read for school because the list would be a mile long… So, the most disappointing book that I’ve read lately would have to be What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen. I really enjoy reading her work because one of her books got me through a really tough event in my life. I was waiting for over a year for this book, but when I finally got my hands on it the story just wasn’t as exhilarating as most of her work.

Do you keep a writing notebook? Show us a page!

Read us a short excerpt from your work.

Recommend another Wattpadder.

Well, you already beat me to the punch with @ella_enchanted but I also love @leigh_ and natashapreston both of whom are wonderful writers.

Other than your Wattpad profile, do you have another site you’d like us to visit?

Not really. Wattpad is my one true love :)


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