About My Site

This blog will contain an inside look into my creative obsessions, as well as the books, movies, and ideas that inspire me. Everything I post will be original content. I will also include brief updates about my work, and when the time comes, I’ll hold contests and giveaways for free books and swag!

I’ve written four novels over the past three years, but I don’t have an agent or publisher. Query letters are beginning to nauseate me, so my new goal is to work my butt off until somebody notices. Word-of-mouth is the only way this can happen! So if you like my work, follow this blog, tweet about my books, “like” me on Facebook, and help me spread the word.

Everything you see on this site–from the trailers to the covers to the descriptions–is a result of my own handiwork. I’m not a filmmaker, designer, or copy-editor, so I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Where To Start

Are you a fellow novelist? Check out my writing tips.

Are you a screenwriter? You’ll probably like my scene breakdowns.

Interested in my work? Check out my novels or my updates!


    • jakevanderark

      JAMES! Thanks so much for being my very first comment! Woohoo!
      Glad you like the site so far : ) I haven’t reached my goal yet though : / Still $900 short, hahaha. But I’m still confident that I can make it! I guess we’ll see : )

      • James Clifton

        YAY! I’m the first person to comment! XD Beat that Emily. lol. Jk. Anyways, hope you reach you’re goal. And I’ll keep coming back for updates. :) Best of Luck!

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