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BTS: A Peek at Purple, Inspiration for Siren, and Politics

A Peek at Purple

If you’ve been looking forward to my upcoming sci-fi novel, you need to check this out! As part of my blog tour, I included the brand new prologue to The Day I Wore Purple.

If you want to compare it to the original (and see how far I’ve come as a writer in the last three years), click here!

Inspiration for Siren

I told my Wattpad fans that they would never see screenshots from the movie that inspired James Parker’s Fairytale in The Accidental Siren… but alas, I caved. If you check out the pictures, please remember this was ten years ago… in my parents’ garage… with family as actors… and a $1,000 budget…


I try not to mix my Libertarian politics with my writing, but if you’re interested in seeing another side of me, check out my guest post on ThinkChristian!

And as always, if you have thoughts on any of these posts, I’d love to hear some feedback : )

BTS: Cards For A Thousand Years

The Day I Wore Purple takes place over a thousand years. Although most of the action happens between 1999 and 2015, you can probably guess that the timeline gets pretty confusing.

The video shows how I spent my morning and afternoon. The board on the right are the dates and events in order of how they appear in the novel. The cards above my computer are the same cards (with birthdays and other “off-screen” events added), but in chronological order.

Note: this is NOT my usual card routine that I talk about in my writing tips! The Day I Wore Purple is a rewrite, and these cards are to clarify the timeline, not to structure my scenes.

I’ll be posting more videos, pictures, and essays about my writing process as I continue with this book, so check back often!

BTS: The Day I Wore Purple – Original Prologue

I’m almost embarrassed to share this on my blog… but I’m about to kick off my big rewrite of The Day I Wore Purple and thought it would be appropriate.

The following excerpt is my VERY FIRST TIME ever writing prose outside of school work. It was September of 2009… and I decided to become a novelist.

The rewrite begins today, and when the new prologue is ready, I’ll post it for comparison. In the meantime, enjoy this blast from my past!

(Did I really just say “blast from my past”? I’m sorry…)



Paris, June, 2381

It was 90 years ago that they parted; 90 years since they last spoke outside his memories.

A warm breeze rustled the branches of the oaks that lined the banks of the Island of La Grande Jatte where the couple lay.  Not a mechanical breeze, the man thought, though the towering power-plant was less than a mile away and visible over the bridge.  The gust smelled sweetly of spring blossoms and rain.  A real smell he thought and touched the woman beside him.

Today was their day.  A picnic.  He packed the appropriate food and she dressed for the occasion.  A purple dress; thin straps around the shoulders and a split from the hip down.  Not a dress for a picnic, but this was a special day and she could wear whatever the hell she wanted.

The device on his arm clicked with each tiny increment of time, allowing the man to know exactly how long he had with the woman.  To be on the same plane of time as one another–his second was her second, his minute was hers–could there be anything more erotic?  Time would not be slipping away today.

Two teenagers galloped across the bridge lobbing pebbles into the stream but the couple paid them no attention.  They were focused on each other.  Finally.

In an age of endless, meaningless memories, the man used every ounce of his concentration, every molecule in his fingertip, to record the feeling of the tiny hairs on the woman’s bare back.  He would remember this day forever.

Thank You For 10,000 Views!

I have no idea if 10,000 views in my first two months is good, bad, or average… but it seems like a lot to me, so I’m going to be excited : )

This is my third time trying to start up a blog. The first two died within a month. I’m not sure what I’m doing right this time, but I sure do enjoy it! Thank you for sticking with me!