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  1. Sneha

    I just finished reading The Accidental Siren this morning. That book had me hooked for days. I’m not writing to tell you that you’re a good author(I’m pretty sure you already know that!) but I just wanted to say that I admire your style of writing and it is one thing which makes all the other books on Wattpad very lackadaisical. I love reading and writing and I pretty much see myself writing a book one day even though I’m going to be an engineer and if I do, it would be very similar to your style. Have you read any of Salman Rushdie’s books? I found quite a lot of similarities in both your way of writing. Keep up the good work Jake and all you’ve to do is be yourself to become successful. I am not too well blessed myself to make any contributions to fund your work, but I hope my good wishes will suffice. :)

    P.S : Did you design your website yourself?

    • jakevanderark


      I can’t thank you enough for your kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed “The Accidental Siren,” and I’m so happy you like my style!

      I have not read Salman Rushdie’s books, but I will add them to my list based on your recommendation : )

      I use a free template for my website and blog… but I decide the layout, tabs, font, etc. I hope you like it!

      Also, my Kickstarter project was successful and I am no longer asking for money! If you want to show your support, you can tell your friends and family about my work… that’s all I ask from my readers.

      Thanks again, Sneha!

  2. Anonymous

    Hi! I have an idea to add to your writer’s block tips :) This is what I do when I have writer’s block:
    watch a movie that has been highly appraised that has to do with the theme of your story. If you’re writing a book about dance, watch Footloose. Find a scene or idea you like, twist it your own way, and add it to your story! It helps me a LOT like I’m writing a story about ghosts lose in a home, and I watched Paranormal Activity and got tons and tons of ideas. I hope I added something usefull to your already stupendous website :)

    • jakevanderark

      Hey, Anonymous! That’s a fantastic idea, and it’s actually one that I regularly! I never considered it as a cure for writer’s block though… I usually do it before writing in preparation for the book. But it’s still a great idea : )

      I’m so glad you like my site! It’s only been up for a few weeks, but I’ve been posting every day and I have a lot more planned! I hope to hear from you again : )

  3. Lauryn Lingad

    Hi Jake! My name’s Lauryn and I’m writing a research paper about authors from wattpad, which is how I know you! I was just wondering if I could interview you for my paper if it’s not too much of your time. Please reply back, this would mean the world! You’re one of my favorite authors and it would be an honor to get a chance to interview you!

  4. David Jones

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    1. We can build on the actual design and style that you have, by enhancing the layout or introducing much more enjoyable features upon it to hold clients on your site

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