In Development

I carry a notebook with me wherever I go. Most of my notes are for upcoming books that are rattling around in my head, but every so often, I have an idea for a new story. Sometimes the ideas dissipate and I forget about them. Sometimes they stick.

These are the stories that stuck:

The Siren Chronicles:
Mara, the Saint – Writing
Succubus – Notes on the board
Dear Shiva – Notes on the board

Lighthouse Nights Sequels:
Untitled Trevor Novel #2 – Taking notes
Untitled Trevor Novel #3 – Conversion from screenplay

Untitled Immaculate Conception Novel – Taking notes
Untitled Ten Plagues Novel – Taking notes
Untitled Brain Swap Novel – Taking notes
Untitled Near-Death Artist Novel – Taking notes
Untitled Upside-Down Short Story – Taking notes

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