“[Suicide] has personally touched me in many different ways and I was afraid that my personal views were going to prejudice my opinion of the book. Turns out that it didn’t. I commend JVA for taking on such a touchy subject.” 
-Melissa Byrnes, Spews of My Views

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Jules and Trevor take advantage of potential suicide victims by encouraging them and profiting off their deaths. When Jules falls in love with their seventh target, she’s forced to make a series of life-or-death decisions and a single, impossible change.

Lighthouse Nights is a frightening novel about haunting regret, maniacal hatred, the longing to create, and ultimate redemption. This fast-paced story is as touching as it is twisted, and highlights a disturbing new trend among American teens.

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Wattpad Comments

“I loved how you transformed the overdone subject of suicide into something new and unique and darker than any other attempt at it. I love the transformation of the characters, how Gabe and Jules’ personalities and appearance must always be the exact opposite, yet fit together in a way that no one expected.”

“The plot was mesmerizing, the emotional complexities of these characters were more than brought to life; I lived inside them! Fabulous! So rich in every light and aspect, Lighthouse Nights was simply powerful.”

“It was everything I like in a good story; dark, sexy, heartbreaking, beautiful, and lovely.”

“Your characters were amazing and realistic, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. Even in their darkest moments, I could see the reason behind their actions, no matter who it was.”

“You should be the next JK Rowling. Or Shakespeare. Or Stephen King.”

“I loved this book. It was so (I hesitate to say) comforting. I brought about such a twisted story in an amazing way.”

“Darling, you are probably the most bloody amazing writer on Wattpad. When I first decided to start reading this, I hadn’t expected to stay up until 3:30 in the morning reading it. Please don’t ever stop writing, and thank you so very much for this piece of brilliance.”

“I connected to this more than you think, and honestly, this is one of the finest written works I’ve read. Every sentence had a purpose. It was absolutely a wonderful ride.”

“Brilliant. Dark and disturbing (in a VERY good way). I was captured right at the beginning and your story never let go. I cried when I read the last chapter. Wow. Just WOW.”

“The amount of emotion you use in this story is amazing and it’s well done to the point where your readers can feel it too. There were multiple times where I was yelling at the computer screen or hugging my knees to my chest because there was so much going on.”

“I love the poetry of this story.”

“This is probably one of the best stories I’ve read on Wattpad. From the first sentence I was completely hooked. And to be frank, I recently bought a different book with a similar tone, but I enjoyed reading this more. Yes it was dark, but more like a black abyss that somehow manages to create random rays of light if you look deep enough.”

“I am mystified. I’m just lost for words. I loved this.”

“Jules is such a dynamic and broken character, empathetic and detached at the same time. I read this in just one day, and I intend to read it again and again.”

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