Suburban life has turned William Carmel from a drug-fueled creative prodigy to a gentle husband and father. When the voice of God commands him to construct a million-dollar amphitheater on the hill behind his home, the budding prophet obeys and unleashes his dormant madness and savage narcissism on his family and town.

From the tragic prologue to the breathtaking climax, the themes of family, faith, and obsession provide an epic backdrop for this fast-paced character study.

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“I’m trying to think of words to explain what I’m feeling, but it’s not working very well. I actually walked away for a moment because my brain is still trying to piece everything together. I’m pretty sure this story is going to haunt my thoughts for a while. You definitely gave me a lot to think about!”

“This is your best book yet.”

“I’m crying! A great ending to a beautiful story.”

“My mind keeps turning it over and over… I think it may haunt me for a few years.”

“I’m honestly speechless. This is one of those really amazing books that I get absorbed into its world and practically shut off everything around me, like I’m in my own little bubble. And when it reached the end, I honestly cannot dig up anything to say about it, but I’ll have to wander around for an entire day still stuck in that world, going over all the details in my head and finally come to terms with the fact that it’s over.”

“Words cannot explain how amazing this is. How are you able to come up with these genius ideas?”

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