Limited Edition and Box Sets

Interested in signed, personalized, box-set, or limited edition books? This is where you can buy them!

Right now, I only accept Paypal. If you would like to inquire about a different form of payment, please email me at and maybe we can work something out!

Also, the prices only include shipping within the US. If you require international shipping, please email me for a modified price.

Signed, Personalized, and Limited Edition Books

The first printing of all four titles will include twenty books. These books will be numbered on the title page below the signature. All signed books will also be numbered until I run out. There is no additional charge for Limited Edition books.

Prices are based on page count and  include shipping. If you live anywhere but the United States or Canada, please add $10 per book.

Lighthouse Nights $20.00 + shipping

The Accidental Siren $22.00 + shipping

The Brandywine Prophet $26.00 + shipping

The Day I Wore Purple (Available in January, 2013)

Box/Gift Sets

All three SIGNED books are now available! If it’s a gift, I can wrap the books and include a message on a card, free of charge. $60.00 + shipping

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