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The Accidental Siren
“Ah, this is quite odd, but reading your story makes me wanna drink lemonade for some reason. I think it’s because it’s set in summer and I somehow associate lemonade and fizzy drinks with summer…on that note, I’m off to pour myself a glass.”

“As both casual reader and male with spina bifida, I was delightfully surprised to come across this story, and I’m particularly pleased how nuanced and real Whit comes across in his action and character. Big ups!”

“I loved the innocence of the main character, the family dynamics, the twistedness and the truth of who (what) Mara was. The code of childhood reminded me of the way Stephen King writes. The rawness of the events made me believe what was going on.”

“You know that archetypal fear? The type of fear that freezes your brain, curls every hair on your body and makes your whole body feel like it’s recoiling even though you’re frozen in place? Well my archetypal fear is insanity. Few writers have the skill to recreate that kind of insanity, and definitely none that I’ve ever read. It’s easy with movies and TV because you can see it, but with books the author has to describe it such a way that it creates that terrifying truth within the readers mind. Well, near the end of The Accidental Siren, I damn near refused to finish it – that’s how freaked out I was. It was only my dedication to brilliant books that kept me reading, despite the fact that it was 2am, dark and that I live alone.”

“I spent WAY too much time reading this. After all it is 4:30 in the morning and my eyelids are being held open with toothpicks. I love a good book and this one has left me speechless. It left me with chills and a lot to think about. We need more writers like you out there.”

“I feel like a hole has been ripped in me.”

“I’m not exaggerating right now: You touched my heart with this story the way Ms. Meyer failed to do in her novels. It played with my emotions– disturbed me, made me reflect and cry and laugh. It has that ability to connect with readers.The characters really touched me and they felt so real. I dare say, it’s the best I’ve ever read here on Wattpad.”

“This was pretty much the best book I have ever read… seriously.”

“I can honestly say this is one of my favorite books I’ve ever read and not just on Wattpad. By the way, I’ve read a LOT of books. So if you have stories that are better, I’m seriously impressed. You aren’t afraid to bring up topics other people might not want to. Like a twelve-year-old getting a boner. It’s part of life and it happens. I think it’s cool you aren’t afraid to be blunt about stuff like that.”

“This has been the most enjoyable book I have ever read. Not just on Wattpad, EVER! I loved everything about it. I logged onto Wattpad every night just to read the next stanza. I’ve never done that before with anything. If this isn’t the best of your work, I literally can’t even imagine what you have in store with the others.”

“Okay, you have just freaking blown my mind. I feel for the characters like I know them. I relate. The outcome was totally unexpected (at least for me)… yet inevitable. And every last penny on the ground was described with such freaking grace and beauty, it makes me think about pennies in a different light.”

“Wow. That’s the only thing that seems to be echoing around my head at the moment. Wow.”

“This book is amazing and beautifully written. It needs to be shared with the rest of the world.”

“If I like a book, I don’t put it down until it’s finished. And I really liked yours, so there was no way I was waiting until tomorrow to finish it.”

“Oh my Baby Jesus. This book, this book, this book. Speechlessness is not a happy feeling. I am completely hooked like a crackhead. Thank you very much.”

“This is, without a doubt, the most well written creation I have had the pleasure and honor of reading on this site. During the summer of ’94, I was just shy of two years younger than your characters, and the way that they interacted brought back such strong nostalgia of my childhood and simpler times, it was almost overpowering. I will definitely look out for the paperback. I think it would be a great one for my children to read when they get older.”


Lighthouse Nights
“I loved how you transformed the overdone subject of suicide into something new and unique and darker than any other attempt at it. I love the transformation of the characters, how Gabe and Jules’ personalities and appearance must always be the exact opposite, yet fit together in a way that no one expected.”

“The plot was mesmerizing, the emotional complexities of these characters were more than brought to life; I lived inside them! Fabulous! So rich in every light and aspect, Lighthouse Nights was simply powerful.”

“It was everything I like in a good story; dark, sexy, heartbreaking, beautiful, and lovely.”

“Your characters were amazing and realistic, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. Even in their darkest moments, I could see the reason behind their actions, no matter who it was.”

“You should be the next JK Rowling. Or Shakespeare. Or Stephen King.”

“I loved this book. It was so (I hesitate to say) comforting. I brought about such a twisted story in an amazing way.”

“Darling, you are probably the most bloody amazing writer on Wattpad. When I first decided to start reading this, I hadn’t expected to stay up until 3:30 in the morning reading it. Please don’t ever stop writing, and thank you so very much for this piece of brilliance.”

“I connected to this more than you think, and honestly, this is one of the finest written works I’ve read. Every sentence had a purpose. It was absolutely a wonderful ride.”

“Brilliant. Dark and disturbing (in a VERY good way). I was captured right at the beginning and your story never let go. I cried when I read the last chapter. Wow. Just WOW.”

“The amount of emotion you use in this story is amazing and it’s well done to the point where your readers can feel it too. There were multiple times where I was yelling at the computer screen or hugging my knees to my chest because there was so much going on.”

“I love the poetry of this story.”

“This is probably one of the best stories I’ve read on Wattpad. From the first sentence I was completely hooked. And to be frank, I recently bought a different book with a similar tone, but I enjoyed reading this more. Yes it was dark, but more like a black abyss that somehow manages to create random rays of light if you look deep enough.”

“I am mystified. I’m just lost for words. I loved this.”

“Jules is such a dynamic and broken character, empathetic and detached at the same time. I read this in just one day, and I intend to read it again and again.”

Other Comments
“My English teacher said if you don’t upload The Accidental Siren soon, she’ll fail me.”

“Are you professional? You seem like it. I heard this rumor that there are a bunch of writers like Stephanie Myers and Erin Hunter posting on Wattpad just for fun so, you know, it makes me wonder…”


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