Request Review Copy

I’m currently looking for professional and amateur bloggers to review any or all of my books.

If you are interested, I will send a copy of the book of your choice immediately. My budget allows for 5-10 paperback copies, but I can also email the PDF, ePub, or Kindle version if I run out.

I expect and appreciate honest reviews. If you hate my work, I want you to say it!

For your generosity, I will add your blog post to my list of official reviews, and I’ll facebook and tweet your link to my fans. Whether the review is positive or negative, I’ll do everything I can to get traffic to your site.

As of July 1, 2012, only the first edition of Lighthouse Nights has been released to the public. However, The Accidental Siren and the NEW edition of Lighthouse Nights are both ready for review. The Brandywine Prophet will be available by the end of the month, and The Day I Wore Purple will be available sometime in September.

If you would like to request a book, please email me at Thank you so much for your consideration!

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