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Wattpad Wednesday: BrittTheBookSlayer

BrittTheBookSlayer ProfileBasic Info

Brittany Geragotelis (real name)
United States

Author of Life’s A Witch,  What the Spell, and Suddenly StarletBrittany was discovered by Simon & Schuster on Wattpad when Life’s A Witch reached a phenomenal 19 million reads. Her three-book deal also includes a prequel and sequel to Life’s a Witch.

Visit her Wattpad profile here: BrittTheBookSlayer

Show us your workspace. Don’t clean it up first!

I have an L-shaped couch and my side has a chaise lounge attached. I lay down (yes, lay down) underneath a blanket, and place my laptop on my stomach. My cat, Cohen rarely leaves my side when I write, and he either lays on top of one of my arms (apparently this is his way of helping me write) or underneath the blanket between my feet. Typically I have music on, because I don’t like to write in silence, and I’ll get too distracted by the TV. I have a little tray that sits on the couch next to me and holds coffee, snacks, pens, paper, etc. It’s like my little mobile desk!

BrittTheBookSlayer Workspace

Other than high school English class, how did you learn to write?

I’m not sure you can be taught how to write, really. You either can or can’t. I believe it’s all through practice, and trial and error. I wrote my first novel at 15 and my books get so much better with each one I write. I think the best teachers have been the other authors of the books I read, though. I know, through them, what an amazing book looks like and reads like. My editor at Simon & Schuster is also making me a much better writer. She’s become like my own personal Mr. Miyagi, my writing guide.

What is one of the best sentences or paragraphs you’ve ever written?

 “It was the day Bridget Bishop was sentenced to die and all she could think about was how she would never get the chance to see her daughter marry.”

What is your favorite sentence or paragraph from another author’s novel?

“The cold wind swept across the hill, whistling through the headstones like dozens of crooked baby teeth.”
Stacey Jay, You Are So Undead to Me

Do you have pets? Show us!

Two kitties. Murray and Cohen. They look like they’re brothers, but they’re actually two years apart and I rescued them from different places. They’re my babies!

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 7.18.44 PM

What was your best experience on Wattpad?

When I first started getting positive feedback on my novel, Life’s a Witch. It came after 9 years of rejection and I’d been wrestling with the idea of giving up on my dream of being published. But people liked the book so much that the experience ended up reinvigorating my writing career. Hearing how much people loved the book reminded me why I write and totally changed my life.

What other talents do you have? Show us!

Hmmm. I was training for the Olympics in gymnastics growing up, and then did cheerleading for 8 years, which led to my former job at a cheerleading magazine. I also know a crazy amount of pop-culture trivia and can recite most of the lines from the movies, “Bring it On” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” I’m actually pretty good at painting elaborate nail jobs, and have a knack for making scary-themed food.


What is the most disappointing book you have ever read?

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling. I think my expectations were too high and she had a lot of pressure on her to make another Harry Potter hit. It just wasn’t what I’d expected. She’s still one of the best writers alive though.

Do you keep a writing notebook? Show us a page!

Nope. Although I do collages for each of my books to help me better visualize the characters.

Read us a short excerpt from your work.

Recommend another Wattpadder.

@AmandaHavard. She’s amazingly talented and insanely smart.

Other than your Wattpad profile, do you have another site you’d like us to visit?

Yes! www.brittanygeragotelis.com.

I’m having a Goodreads giveaway for What the Spell. If you want to enter for a chance to win one of 25 books, click here. Or if you want to pre-order What the Spell, go here.

I’m also on various social media!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BrittanyGeragotelis
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