Top 7: Psychological Horror Scenes

Big spoilers and extreme graphic content.

1. Se7en – Delivering the Box
2. The Silence of the Lambs – The Screaming of the Lambs
3. The Walking Dead – Sophia
4. The Mist – Saved
5. Dexter – Rita
6. Blue Velvet – Peeping
7. Funny Games – The Remote

1. Se7en – Delivering the Box

It wasn’t until this list was complete that I realized four of the seven involve dead family members… specifically wives and children. In addition to masterful suspense, David Fincher gives us one of the most twisted and heartbreaking scenes in cinema. Not only do we watch Mills break down at the death of his wife, but we also witness the mind-blowing completion of John Doe’s plan. It’s almost too much to handle.

2. The Silence of the Lambs – The Screaming of the Lambs

On the surface, there’s nothing scary about this scene. Then you realize that Hannibal Lecter is inside your head.

3. The Walking Dead – Sophia

Zombies? Check. Dead daughter? Check. Moral ambiguity? Check. Brilliant depiction of twisted themes? Check. Not just a great horror scene, but one of the best scenes on TV in 2011.

4. The Mist – Saved

The Mist is a flawed film… but this final scene will haunt you forever. Ask yourself… what would you do in this situation?

5. Dexter – Rita

My fiancé nearly killed me when we finished the season-four finale of Dexter. Why? She was crying… and I was laughing at the writers’ brilliance and gall. Is the show perfect? Not even close! But the image of sweet Rita in a tub full of blood will always linger in my mind.

6. Blue Velvet – Peeping

Dennis Hopper is scary enough as Dennis Hopper. But his over-the-top portrayal of Frank Booth is as twisted as a performance can be. I recommend showering after watching this scene.

7. Funny Games – The Remote

This scene may pop up on a future post… but for now, it fits nicely on the psychological horror list. After an hour-and-a-half of mindless brutality, the protagonist finally has the upper hand! Oh wait… Michael Haneke doesn’t play by the rules.



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