Top 7: Suspenseful Horror Scenes

Big spoilers and extreme graphic content.

1. Paranormal Activity – Footprints
2. [REC] – Little Girl
3. The Blair Witch Project – Inside the Tent
4. The Strangers – In the Kitchen
5. The Ring – The Climax
6. Halloween – The Chase
7. The Shining – All Work and No Play

1. Paranormal Activity – Footprints

I knew that Paranormal Activity would make the number-one spot for suspenseful moments… but I had a horrible time picking the scene! Without sounding like a fanatic, this entire movie is pure suspense.

2. [REC] – Little Girl

[Rec] is the only movie that made these lists twice… and for a good reason. When a cute little girl breaks away from her mother, the police and cameraman chase after her. If you’re not screaming at the screen while watching this clip, something is wrong with you.

3. The Blair Witch Project – Inside the Tent

In this scene, suspense is spurred by the viewer’s imagination. The movie never shows us the creatures making the sounds in the forest… but our brains do.

4. The Strangers – In the Kitchen

The Strangers is an underrated gem in the horror genre. It takes the time to develop the central relationship, and our emotions are exploited again and again until we’re left sobbing in the fetal position. Notice the exquisite use of sound and shadow in this well-paced scene.

5. The Ring – The Climax

Another modern staple of the horror genre, The Ring keeps us hooked with an eerie atmosphere, great performances, and a little girl named Samara.

6. Halloween – The Chase

One word: RUN!

7. The Shining – All Work and No Play

The combination of music, camera movement, and over-the-top performances by Nicholson and Duvall create tension you can cut with a knife.


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